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Transforming Businesses - From Idea to Impact

Since its inception, NCrypted Technologies has been at the forefront of the software development industry. Founded in 2006 as a results driven company, we earned our reputation by focusing on the needs of our customers, their end-users and developing highly customized software development solutions that turn them into profitable businesses. Through our experience, we help our clients to create opportunities to drive their business growth. From building top-notch on-demand applications and solutions to providing end-to-end software solutions. so that our clients can easily focus on accelerating their development without worrying about their IT infrastructure and digital presence.

By partnering with us, entrepreneurs can free themselves from the uncertainty of business needs and can benefit from our 360-degree experience.

A Global Outlook

NCrypted Solutions is a division of the parent NCrypted Technologies, a group that has presence and companies in the USA (NCrypted Technologies Inc.), UK (NCrypted Technologies Ltd.), Finland (NCrypted Technologies Oy), India (NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and branch/partner offices in Germany, Singapore and the UAE. You can check out our office locations and take contact here.

Group companies and divisions include the following:

16+ Years of Industry Exposure

NCrypted creates a bright future for companies operating in the digital landscape and firmly believes in securing productive long-term business relationships.

With over 16+ years of business expertise, we empower startups and SMEs to leverage our expertise as well as skills. We are proud to have successfully completed more than 2500+ web, mobile, and software application projects for more than 1000 clients across literally 100+ countries.

Our Values

Creating a digital presence that sells

At NCrypted market-readiness is the bare minimum expectation.

A fancy, good looking app is of no use if it is not usable and not market-ready.

Innovation that scales

Innovation only comes when you give it a try. We believe innovation comes from extraordinary efforts that help you stand and lead in the crowd.

Creativity that is available and affordable

Our technocrats are always keen to develop creative ideas. There is "NEVER a NO." They have an eye on the market facts, thus developing in the latest ongoing environment.

At NCryped, our team understands the value of money. Thus we strive to serve you the cost-effective application & web services. We deliver the features that we promised. #NCryptedLovesYou

Our Vision

Every serious business wants to thrive. We are no exception. We aim to be the numero uno choice for startups and small-to-medium scale businesses worldwide for their digital needs by creating a holistic environment. 

Our talented team members are recognized as the best in their fields. We also want to provide them with the best environment to grow through learning, experience, and job satisfaction.

Our spirit of innovation keeps us motivated and continues to drive us to improve our skills to better serve our customers. Our dedication enables us to create technology solutions that truly serve our customers. We constantly strive for excellence to empower our clients with top-notch software development services. 

Our Mission

Delivering top-notch on-demand app solutions to entrepreneurs.

At NCrypted, we are constantly learning, discovering, incubating, iterating, and scaling. We consider customers as our partners, and your success is our success. This approach enables us to deliver leading-edge on-demand solutions that empower businesses and enable them to grow. We create unparalleled technology experiences for our clients and help them stay ahead of the digital curve.

As revolutionaries, we constantly strive to learn new things and experiment with technology to improve them. Additionally, we use our expertise and experience to provide industry-leading on-demand apps that enable businesses to thrive. 

Let's transform your startup idea into a future-ready tech giant in the digital landscape!

You are in good company!

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We bring the whole ecosystem under one roof. Are you ready?


A great business needs a great team – right from the product analysts who will work with you to brainstorm your idea, product owners who will fine tune it, project managers/scrum masters who will streamline the processes, designers who will make it visual, tech/engineering team who will get it developed, QA/test engineers who will leave no bugs behind and ensure a smooth user experience to DevOps who will setup the architecture estimated for your early traffic.

And if you think this is all – did we not talk about the importance of the customer acquisition team along with the UX team to be involved from day 1? Marketing is an integral part of your app development, not something that you will worry about later on.

We bring all of this and more under one roof for you, so you don’t have to search and hire all of these agencies separately for your mobile app startup venture. Talk to our team to understand how we do this.


NCrypted loves a good start. Say hi.

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