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Recent success stories by NCrypted


OYO is a worldwide travel tech organisation that associates its guests and patrons to ease the operation. So that visitors can book trusted yet affordable accommodations in a split of second. OYO has its strong foothold in 800+ cities across 80 countries. NCrypted's solutions powered the original verions of OYO Rooms and its booking engine.

  • Total Funding: $3.1B
  • Annual Revenue: $879M
  • Valuation: $9.6B
  • Userbase: OYO facilitates more than 180 million visitors from 120+ nationalities.

GEMS Education

GEMS Education, established as Global Education Management Systems, is the world's largest education company, with its HQ located in Dubai, UAE. NCrypted has developed TeachMeNow, a holistic LMS platform to bring teachers and students worldwide under one roof.

  • Valuation: $6 billion
  • Revenue: US$1.1 billion
  • Geographical area served: Worldwide


Indiabulls has a presence in areas going from financing, NBFC, real estate, construction equipment renting to infrastructure. Ranked as the 13th largest consumer financial services worldwide. NCrypted has developed the company's real estate portal that aims at becoming a leading buy and sell marketplace of real estate properties.

  • Userbase: serving 1 million happy customers
  • Revenue: $2.4 Billion
  • Total Funding: $1 Billion


PLAYMORE Games is a gaming and software organisation situated in Helsinki (Finland). It develops and designs tabletop (board) game software. NCrypted is both the tech partner, investor and has been instrumental in the development of Dized - an app with interactive tools and rules that makes it easy to learn board games using its holistic experience.

  • Total Funding: $2.7 Million
  • Revenue: <$1 Million
  • Geographical area served: Worldwide


STEPOUT Oy is a fresh startup in the Fitness tech sector. It has developed an online platform for wellness and fitness freelancers. The platform empowers them to streamline their activities online. NCrypted has been involved in the early venture advisory for the business concept and development.

  • Total Funding: €158K from business angels, FiBAN etc.
  • Registered Office: Finland, European Union

Are you building an App or a Business?

Entrepreneurs often take technology and development for granted and think that’s everything when it comes to building a digital Transportation App Development business; that as soon as they get the app developed and put that up on the app stores, traffic will start flocking in. They understand that marketing would be required, but they are often unaware of dozens of other important aspects that are crucial to and your digital business. Factors such as their big promise, target customer, ideal users, problem statement, solution fit, customer acquisition, tracking metrics etc. Ignore this and you will have an expensive project with no traction. In this video, early stage investor and our CEO Kunal Pandya, explains why creating an app is different from building a business; and why as an entrepreneur, you must look at this journey as building a business, and not just from the development point of view.

What Is Transportation App Development?

On-demand transportation means booking a vehicle or any other service through an app to get from one place to another. This is also known as an on-demand transportation app or taxi booking app.

Do you want to mark your presence in the transportation industry? If yes, then our On-demand logistics and transportation app development services are here to save you!

Serve your customers with ultimate on demand transportation apps, to get ahead of curve

By this point, you must have heard of Uber and even Lyft. Just because it's out doesn't mean you can't make a similar or even better version of this app. 

There is an increase in on-demand transportation services such as car rental, taxi booking, car sharing, and more, which provides room for the transportation industry to develop. Looking for a fully-featured solution for all your needs? 

NCrypted's on-demand transportation app development service is all you need! Our on-demand transportation apps provide a one-stop solution for all your problems, including automated transportation and logistics business, managing routes efficiently, etc.

Our technocrats use the most relevant and up-to-date tools and technologies to source code on-demand transportation apps. So why wait? Increase customer satisfaction, and increase your business profits without further delay.

  • Paperless process

Our on-demand transportation app eliminates the need for documentation as it allows you to collect data and generate daily reports without errors, and measure and record other business-related information in the app.

  • Fast and accurate

Through our on-demand transportation app, you can easily collect and update random real-time data that will help you make fast and accurate decisions. The data collected by the app is always error-free.

  • Multilingual support

The app can support more than one language, making it easy for users to use it from anywhere in the world and in the language of their choice.

  • Monitor drivers

Each driver registered in the app and the total number of rides they have executed, completed, and pending can be monitored yet managed.

Why should you choose NCrypted to launch the top-notch Transportation App Development?

We empower you with the powerful on-demand transportation app to help you get rid of all your business growth worries. As a renowned leading company, we deliver unrivaled on-demand solutions for our global customers. We aim to empower your fleet business with exemplary on-demand transportation app development services.

Providing results-oriented solutions

We work collaboratively with your aspect to solve problems and achieve goals and do our best to provide you with results-oriented services.

Building strategy

To increase the profitability and growth of your business, we implement strategic solutions to create functional and impressive on-demand applications for logistics and transportation.

Certified Team Of Technocrats

Using modern and cutting-edge technology, our certified professionals and experienced developers work with full commitment to meet your business needs.

Innovative solutions

We provide brilliant and innovative transportation and logistics application development services that will help you achieve new success.

Reports, analytics and performance

The online logistics application provides real-time reports and regular reports to all users based on their roles for better efficiency.

Free white labelling

It is important that your logo and company name is everywhere. In the admin panel, you can remove our name and logo from all visible places and replace them with your own, which will help build your brand.

Monetize your transportation business with NCrypted's on-demand transportation and travel application development!

Are you ready to redefine your transportation business with our next- level Transportation App Development

This is the law of the land: to outperform your competitors, you must identify significant sources of innovation, a distinctive marketing approach, and a strong, assertive, and vibrant design style. In the battle of modern transportation networks, NCrypted's on-demand transportation apps are here to conquer the taxi industry. Our highly efficient and customized on-demand travel and transportation solutions are based on a wide collection of advanced features embedded in the latest tech stack.

So, Why wait? Tighten your seat belts to start your ultimate on-demand transportation journey with NCrypted!

Unique Features Of Our On-Demand Transportation App That Provide Unmatchable Transportation Services


Administrative and management roles

To make it easier for the admin to manage the portal, the admin can assign sub-admin roles and responsibilities that help the admin to control the portal. Admins have options to add, edit, delete and grant access to sub-admin functions.


Fleet management

Fleet management portal has all features for taxi owners to manage drivers and vehicles. Apart from that, there are options like managing bookings, trips, payments, inquiries ,and other information. It also provides access to analytics.


In app chat

The in-app chat option helps users to chat with the driver even if they can't connect to the call.


Advance reporting

With the report options, admins can create, edit and delete reports on the portal. The report provides a clear overview of all key metrics like total profit, total trips, etc.


Start your business in no time

You are ready to launch your business quickly and successfully in this competitive market.


Easy Booking

Our on-demand transportation app allows passengers to book a taxi or transportation with just a few clicks. The simplicity of the application enhances the quality of the customer experience.

Fully-featured Transportation App Development that drives perfection

Fully-featured Transportation App Development  that drives perfection
  • Search and Filter
    The prominent tool for the users of your transportation app is giving them the liberty to choose from various available options, further filter out the desired choices, and empower them with the best solution.
  • Instant Booking Feature/ Delivery
    This feature enables users to book the transportation services effortlessly. This functionality will undoubtedly empower your users to instantly book the on demand services without any hassle.
  • Tracking & Push Notification
    This functionality informs consumers of every operation and enables consumers to stay informed about activities such as booking acceptance, cancellation, the arrival of a service provider, new offers, and more with tracking enabled through GPS, Wifi, Beacons, Bluetooth etc.
  • Secure In-App Payment
    As payment is a critical component of transportation business, your online payment wall must be fast, secure, and user friendly, with functionality consideration for On Demand Transportation Business that empowers the users to pay securely within the app using varied payment methods, through a 3rd party API.
  • Advanced Analytics
    This feature enables you to get real-time insights and generate sales, user, activity reports to help you identify opportunities to grow your business when needed.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    This feature allows the consumers to share their feedback about the service, provider and the items utilized. You, as the business owner, can gather information about user preferences and behavior to enhance operations. 

From ideation to launch, all under one roof for your Transportation App Development

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

We understand our customer’s expectations and requirements and develop strategies to implement your own Transportation App Development . We study trends in the industry and market before making a final plan.



After the requirement gathering for Transportation App Development , we create an intuitive UI/UX design that attracts not only new users but also attracts existing users. Our creative team creates interactive UI/UX designs to scale-up customer engagement.

Development & Deployment

Development & Deployment

At this stage of the on-demand app development process, we implement the actual plan by developing the best. We deliver the best on-demand application solutions to ensure enhanced user experience to offer unique on demand solutions.



NCrypted believes in perfection; that is why we continually strive to eliminate potential errors in order to deliver error-free solutions through our stringent quality testing procedures.

Security compliance verification

Security compliance verification

We offer HIPAA, PCI DSS and other similar standards-compliant systems for your Transportation App Development in order to deliver complete data security.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

As a leading on demand app development company, we offer professional maintenance and support in order to keep your system running smoothly. Moreover, we provide a wide array of support and maintenance services.



NCrypted has marketing experts to help you with digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We can digitally scale your transportation app with our marketing strategies.



You will surely seek funding once the on demand transportation app is validated with much-needed traction. Funding can be a hard nut to crack. But, as we are a part of a worldwide network of start-ups and investments, we can also offer to introduce you to several Angel investors and VC networks to help you secure funding.

From ideation to launch, all under one roof for your Transportation App Development

Holistic support for your Transportation App Development startup

  • Qualified Team Of Technocrats

    Qualified Team Of Technocrats

  • Deep Analytics & Stats

    Deep Analytics & Stats

  • Latest Tech Stack

    Latest Tech Stack

  • Venture Advisory

    Venture Advisory

  • Guide on Key Features and Integrations

    Guide on Key Features and Integrations

  • Intuitive Admin Panel

    Intuitive Admin Panel

  • Community Support & Global Network

    Community Support & Global Network

  • 16+ Years of Expertise across Domains

    16+ Years of Expertise across Domains

  • Center of Excellence - Support

    Center of Excellence - Support

Holistic support for your Transportation App Development  startup
Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

I worked with NCrypted over a period of 3 months to define a hyper-local social media app. I found them highly professional and conscientious throughout the process, and they delivered a great platform to me and my team. They were diligent in their specs, statement of work, development, QA and deployments.

Peter Goult - Saffron Technology Labs


From the beginning to end and now all what the whole team have done to make sure in assisting me have been a great experience. NCrypted is just like my second home. Thank goodness they are in the market as they always listen and give the best you can expect.

David Valero - Courier Bids, LLC

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And if you think this is all – did we not talk about the importance of the customer acquisition team along with the UX team to be involved from day 1? Marketing is an integral part of your Transportation App Development , not something that you will worry about later on.

We bring all of this and more under one roof for you, so you don’t have to search and hire all of these agencies separately for your Transportation App startup venture. Talk to our team to understand how we do this.


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